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Two Winks
Bernard William Palmer

총 파일수 : 12
장르 : Biographies & Memoirs
발표일 : 2001년 03월

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1. Two Winks: Chapter 1 (speaking book)
2. Two Winks Chapter 1  
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3. Two Winks Chapter 2
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4. Two Winks. Chapter 2 (speaking book)
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5. Two Winks Chapter 3
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6. Two Winks Chapter 3 (speaking book)
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7. Two Winks Chapter 4
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8. Two Winks Chapter 4 (speaking book)
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9. Mars little boy Adolf
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10. The Jails are the Crime.
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11. The Primary Fundamental Right Song  
12. Two Winks: all chapters
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A collection of Palmer's works that show the versatility of the CashRamRadio format to promote and sell and protect artistic content.

In his book 'Two Winks' Palmer details his experiences over a 4 year period after seeing the face of the Singularity. Included is his discovery that the tongue acting as a deep water valve probably causes Cot/Crib Death by blocking the infant's air passage. For this problem he suggests simply holding them upside down to allow the blood to go to their heads and reactive the trigeminal nerves in their cheeks and possibly also slapping their bare bottoms. He thinks this action should revive a SIDS infant from a 'Diving Reflex', which is supposedly a 'safe mode' often used inside the womb by stressful babies. He believes SIDS explains the mystery of why the tongue is the strongest muscle in the body when it seems to have the least need of such super strength.

Having no regard for political correctness he postulates how Hitler was possibly the long awaited Jewish Messiah, having through his actions forced the Jews back to their homeland. This idea is complete with a photograph of Mars on a NASA website clearly showing a caricature of Hitler's face. Mars being the Roman god of war and Hitler supposedly being an avid adherent believing in the superiority of the so called Aryan (Arian?) race. It is strange that the word Messiah breaks down to Me-SS-I-AH (Adolf Hitler).
Finally Palmer expands on the theory of sin and explains why there is no such thing as sin and how the belief of sin has been used as a tool of control by probably all religions since time immemorial.

In this collection he has included two essays, one on the importance of powered flight, 'Mars little boy Adolf', and an economic argument for the closing of most jails titled 'The Jails are the Crime'. And last but not least an anti-Drug Wars song titled the 'Primary Fundamental Right Song'. Over four years ago he designed the 'Primary Fundamental Right', a web petition against the costly Drug Wars. There he shows how the Primary Fundamental Right could increase the GDP of any country that follows the simple idea of allowing their citizens the right to legally own their own body. In no country that he knows of do the citizens have this right, therefore he concludes we are all slaves owned by our respective governments, and just like in the movie 'The Matrix', we don't realize it. That's why he's wearing the Neo sunglasses.

He is a staunch fighter against the Drug Wars which he believes is the last major fight left in the industrialized world between Individualism and Conformism, the latter being backed by self-interested bloated government bureaucracies. He is a Prophet of Profit believing only a totally open and free market coupled with very small government, no income tax and a 33% company tax can bring everyone maximum prosperity and freedom. He calls this form of government 'Capitalism Democracy' as opposed to Socialism Democracy which is at the moment used in all countries where government controls education, health, and pursues a costly War on Drugs and a War on Terror. http://www.primaryfundamentalright.org/pfrwhatis.html

He has also constructed www.cashramspam.com the World's first cash based spam free emailer that has a unique micro payment system with optional advertiser funded capabilities.

For CashRamRadio he has constructed an Internet media player known simply as CashRamPlayer. He hopes that this will go a long way in reducing music and video piracy in the future and could possibly make copyright material much cheaper to buy.
23rd July 2007
Sydney, Australia
Contact: bernardpalmer@cashramspam.com (Contact only possible with CashRamSpam account.)

©Bernard W. Palmer 2004

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